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The UKIPO has published a report on the influence that social media influencers exert on consumers when it comes to purchasing counterfeit goods. The report was carried out by Dr David Shepherd, Kate Whitman and Professor Mark Button of the University of Portsmouth, on behalf of the IPO .

This is pilot research looking into the impact of social media influencers promoting counterfeit products on levels of counterfeit consumption.

The study found that deviant SM influencers exert a significant influence as trusted others, prompting 10% of respondents to purchase counterfeit goods across a wide range of product sectors.

The most popular product categories are fashion, jewellery and beauty products. A strong determinant of counterfeit purchasing is age, with younger females  five times more likely than older females to buy counterfeits because of postings by SM influencers.

To read the full report and findings, please visit Social media influencers and counterfeit goods – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)