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Burrows Chambers Associates, together with our

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look after and protect your IP in the UK and World-wide.

Burrows Chambers Associates advises upon all aspects of Intellectual Property and guides Clients through the processes for protecting and enforcing their IP, whether that be registered rights – such as Patents, Registered Trade Marks and Registered Designs – or unregistered rights – such as Copyright, Unregistered Designs, Unregistered Trade Marks, Confidential Information and Trade Secrets.  Burrows Chambers Associates advises Clients upon the best form(s) of protection for their ideas / inventions / creations and, where applicable, assists in obtaining registered rights for their IP, and provides overall IP strategy, due diligence, IP audits and guidance for businesses and individuals.

Neil is experienced in contentious matters, and assists Clients with enforcing and defending their IP against third parties.  Burrows Chambers Associates has a wealth of experience of contentious Patents, Trade Marks, Designs and Copyright proceedings in the UK, Europe and beyond.

It is important that businesses of all sizes take an active interest in, at least, protecting their IP.  Enforcing IP is costly; however, and only used as a last resort.  Most registerable IP can be registered at reasonable cost and typically provides a deterrent to competitors, who will be mindful of your IP.  Marking all of your products and company literature, including your website, enhances the deterrent effect.  Typically, the deterrent effect also provides an immeasurable financial benefit to your business, as reduced competition helps the profitability of your business.

Copyright, Unregistered Designs, Unregistered Trade Marks, Confidential Information and Trade Secrets


With Burrows Chambers Associates, your IP is in safe hands.

European Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys Neil Chambers

Neil Chambers


Neil is passionate about all Intellectual Property (IP) but especially Patents, Trade Marks and Designs.

His interest in Patents stems from a general wish to know how things work or operate, and a broad technical background in engineering assists that tremendously!  Neil has experienced both sides of the coin – the Attorney protecting inventions and the Inventor hoping to interest others in his IP.

As for Trade Marks and Designs, good branding and protection for the IP is key to sales and, through years of experience, Neil provides commercially focused advice, which is targeted at your immediate and foreseeable requirements.

Neil set up Burrows Chambers Associates in 2012 and uses ‘Burrows Chambers Associates’ as his trading name. Neil previously worked for the global patents group of a multi-national pharmaceutical company and, prior to that, worked for a well-known London Patent Firm for many years.

Neil lives in Letchworth Garden City with his wife and three daughters, who keep him very busy at home!

Chartered Patent Attorney, European Patent Attorney, Chartered Trade Mark Attorney, Design Attorney, Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys, Member of the Chartered Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys.


Patents Technical Expertise: Chemical, General and Mechanical Engineering / Chemical, Electrical, Mechanical and Medical Devices / Pharmaceuticals/Domestic

Domestic and Global Trade Marks and Designs Expertise

Neil is regulated by IPReg and protects his Clients’ interests with professional indemnity insurance.

UKIPO published information on the new Patent Fees for UK Patents

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Accounts and Office Manager/ Executive Assistant to Neil Chambers


Patents and Trade Marks Administrator and Paralegal


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With Burrows Chambers Associates, your IP is in safe hands.